About Us

Arian Gold factory was founded by Reza Siamakipour in 1991, in Tehran. Arian Gold became a well-known and respected brand in the gold industry with the aim of innovating and presenting unique products. This factory has always been one of the most influential and fashion determinants in this industry during its activity.

the honors of Arian Gold

– Among Arian Gold’s honors in design and production, we can name the Diplomat Chains, also known as the Versace Chains, which over time became known as one of the most popular chains in the world and were met with a great response from the people of the world, especially men. Classic and simple appearance and appropriate weight is one of the special features of this chain.
Interestingly, years after making chain by Arian Gold, Turkish and Italian factories, as well as a number of Iranian manufacturers, succeeded in copying and manufacturing a similar product.

– Arian Gold is the first manufacturer of great resilient locks, which see in many gold chains with different models today, the first manufacturer of rolo chains, the first manufacturer of screw profiles in Iran, which is also one of the most popular trends in this industry in the world.

– Arian Gold is a leader in innovation, innovator in design, unmatched in color and unique in quality.

– Arian Gold has never had an agency or branch to sell its products anywhere in Iran.

–  As an Iranian brand with the ability to design and produce world-famous products, a fundamental vision for globalization is one of the Arian Gold’s goals.